Easy Sticky Note

Easy Sticky Note is an extension for Opera Internet browser. It allows you create a floating sticky note. The note can be put anywhere in the document. The data is stored in local database using HTML5. That means it's available offline. You can also manage all of your notes in a separate page
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just for a test

just for a test
ir193, 22.06.2011, 12:40
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Show up in Opera Speedial.

Notes can be placed in Opera speedial, so when you first start your browser you are remembering and using notes!! (if you knew what page you left your note on, you wouldn't need the reminder!) I would rather use notes like this in my browser...
Dave C, 04.09.2011, 23:49
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Hide icon and use hotkeys

I'd rather use the keyboard to create a note, I do not like fill the extension bar with many icons. By the way, actually I'm using Noteit Post, another opera extension, I think It's better (at the moment), but I like more the appearance of your...
Zheitk, 28.07.2011, 11:07
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Option to set the note to show in page or domain

It would be useful to add the note to a domain, and all it's sub-pages
Zheitk, 13.08.2011, 02:13
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Add instructions to refresh webpages after install

Add instructions to the download page to reload your open webpages or restart opera after installation.
MannyVee, 16.08.2011, 03:49
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This is a good extension

However, a couple of observations: There is a typo in the title of the "View all notes" page. It currently reads "Easy Stick Note"; it should read "Easy Sticky Note". The note content in the "View all notes" page is presented in HTML. This...
Joel DeWitt, 22.10.2011, 00:16
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An individual Layout?

For example a ".." for a big-text.. just some html-basics..
Drain, 07.11.2011, 22:20
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Doesn't work with opera 11.60? Really useful.

as above. please help. I'm loving this function.
November, 01.02.2012, 15:17
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Make the title larger

The title bar of a note does not occupy the entire width that it could.
Owen, 26.02.2012, 02:38
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problem; it sticks on the move note; wont let go

when I click on the move icon it will not let my cursor go. if i left click; i get a browser menu; if i get rid of the browser menu by click somewhere else; it goes back to moving the note
Jim, 08.11.2011, 18:55
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very good!

very good!
ocde, 28.12.2011, 08:57
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Sync capabilites (even using dropbox or something)

File for notes need to has a changeble location, to have sync capabilites between devices.
jesus, 16.02.2012, 09:03
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Show the scrollable list of all notes in the extension window,

like in Tab Vault, with possibility to delete individual notes, and, ideally, move and group them. As it is now, if you have 100 notes and want to delete 37 of them, it is quite a task :) - or you have to delete everything. But great extension...
Sergei, 09.02.2013, 10:39
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click on addnote or any other tab nothing happen

except “view all note” and “about”
CC, 19.07.2011, 10:10