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click on addnote or any other tab nothing happen

except “view all note” and “about”

CC , 19.07.2011, 11:10
Idea status: completed


ir193, 22.07.2011, 09:28
Did you click addnote as soon as you installed it? You should refresh the page which you have opened before you install.
CC, 22.07.2011, 22:40
I can use it now
MannyVee, 16.08.2011, 04:45
i recommend adding instructions to refresh the target webpage on first install. i had the same problem
aj, 12.11.2011, 06:10
It doesn't work for me on LINUX (Fedora 13) even after restarting the Opera browser. "About" and view all buttons work.
e.g on this page - http://flavor.sourceforge.net/manual/manual_nav.htm - it doesn't work.
ir193, 13.11.2011, 11:09
I'll install a linux for test soon.

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