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Option to set the note to show in page or domain

It would be useful to add the note to a domain, and all it's sub-pages

Zheitk, 13.08.2011, 03:13
Idea status: in process


Wolfgang, 23.09.2011, 15:05
That is the state now.
What I need/prefer is the possibility to attach a note to a page, rather than a site
Even better: let the user decide for each note what to attach to.
Zheitk, 24.09.2011, 01:12
That's what I wanted to say, an option to attach the note to a single page, or a domain.
Wolfgang, 24.09.2011, 15:28
Good :-)

Too make things somewhat harder:
If the url contains a '?' it may be necessary to assume the following parameters to be part of the url :-(

Any chance you will be able to do this extemsion in tne next time/weeks?

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