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Show up in Opera Speedial.

Notes can be placed in Opera speedial, so when you first start your browser you are remembering and using notes!! (if you knew what page you left your note on, you wouldn't need the reminder!) I would rather use notes like this in my browser than 1 more prog to start with in the boot ini!

Dave C , 05.09.2011, 00:49
Idea status: scheduled


Manticore, 06.09.2011, 20:31
Doesn't run with Opera 11.51...? or bad config for me ?
ir193, 06.09.2011, 21:27
that's would be nice idea, but maybe a little time for me to develop
Dave C, 06.09.2011, 22:14
I think more peeps would use this than a Desktop sticky Notes program, but it would be imperative to have the note on the speedial page for opera (and whatever page Chrome uses as home base) because again, if you knew what URL you left the note, you probably wouldn't need it. It should be coffee in hand, blank expression, and then get your note and move ahead. Killer if you can get this feature, I would help you promote as I am a senior member on many tech boards..
pirko, 21.02.2013, 22:20
ì agree, it should be available at speed dial, if its hard to program then you should make a speed dial button that links to locally hosted html page where you can store notes..

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